Get the Word Out – We are Retaking the 4th District of New York!

Despite the negative press, the Republicans have actually accomplished a lot in Washington. But we know, they need to do more. We need to get more Republicans seated in the House so that we can get the work completed for the people.

We are working hard to win the house seat for the Fourth District of New York. We need your help!

One of the best things you can do is share information about the campaign. Leverage your contacts on social media and email, and spread the word. No, we do not want to see the mudslinging of the presidential campaign in 2016. No one wants to see that again. But we are not here to sling mud. We are here with a positive message and need your help spreading the word.

Here you can find links to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Please visit them and share any information you think is relevant and helpful to your community! The more people we reach, the greater our chance of success. Remember, Ameer is here to represent you. Before he can do that, we need to get him to Washington.

If you would like to get involved, please click on the appropriate link:

Thank you!

– Ameer