Mission and Vision

I am an ardent believer in the United States Constitution, which enshrines the God-given rights of American citizens, and imposes firm restraints on the power of government to interfere in people’s lives. My mission is to ensure that Congress respects its constitutional obligations to the citizens of this great country and never oversteps its bounds. My vision is one of economic growth, freedom, and opportunity for the American middle class. I will be a tireless and unflinching champion for our nation’s security, taking a clear view of the existential threats we and our allies face overseas, as well as the domestic threats our citizens face at home. I will head to Washington as a strong and visible advocate for Long Islanders.

The Middle Class

Ill-conceived government policies are to blame for dividing our country into rich and poor, and squeezing out the middle class. But the middle class is the very heart of the nation, the source of community and upward mobility. Economic policy, including taxation on personal income and on corporate profits, must be based on what is best for the middle class. This includes eliminating the cap on deductions for state and local taxes, which unfairly punishes middle income Long Islanders, while slashing tax rates across the board. It’s your money, and you deserve to keep it.

Confiscatory taxation is due to runaway government spending and borrowing, with the government simply printing more money to cover the interest it owes on its debt. This results in skyrocketing inflation. Thus, not only is government taking your money through taxes, but they are ensuring that whatever dollars you have left over won’t be worth as much as they used to be.

Government must be restrained. We are not the government’s ATM. We must reign in government spending and prevent career politicians from wasting your tax dollars on unnecessary programs. Spending frugally is the only way to stave off the crash of the dollar and national ruin.

Unfettered free trade over the last generation devastated our industrial base, leading to poverty and ruin in formerly booming cities and towns throughout the country. There was a time when we made what we used here at home, instead of going into debt to buy stuff we don’t need. Reevaluating unfair trade policies is the way to restore our industrial base, and create millions of jobs and an unstoppable domestic engine.

We must also reduce the government bureaucracy with its arbitrary regulations and the burdensome restrictions it imposes on business owners. The government should not be involved in the minutia of the economy. Government creates nothing, but only leeches from the productive sector of society and redistributes wealth others have created. Americans are the most creative and resilient people on the planet, and it’s time for government to get out of their way again and let this country boom.

Building our Country

The LIRR is the lifeline of our economy here in Long Island. Yet, while it rapidly deteriorates, the cost of tickets and monthly passes continues to rise. This adds to the exorbitant cost of living in Nassau County, drives away businesses and jobs, and makes it nearly impossible for ordinary Long Islanders to simply make ends meet, let alone to build for the future.

Through public-private partnerships, we can infuse the LIRR system with the money needed for critical upgrades while reducing the burden on taxpayers. Federal incentives should be used to encourage the development of commercial properties on or near Long Island Rail Road stations, and the development of affordable residential living above the commercial establishments along the Long Island Rail Road corridors. Coupled with reforms to the LIRR’s pension system and legislation that would force transparency and accountability to the MTA, we can once again make the LIRR the engine of a booming Nassau County economy.

Infrastructure upgrades are also sorely needed to protect South Shore communities from devastating storm surges like Superstorm Sandy, which caused over $75 billion in damage to homes and businesses. Inlet barriers, accompanied by a strong dune system, would provide vitally needed protection.

And, we must invest in fortifying our outdated and vulnerable power grid and reducing cybersecurity threats. These are not just quality of life or economic issues, but issues vital to protecting our national security.

Security through Strength

America is a superpower, and we must make sure the world knows it. Our military must be powerful, and must reflect our steel resolve to use its force when called for. Members of Congress must not abdicate the power to declare war, which the Constitution vests in Congress, and not in the President. When the President threatens unilateral military decisions, Congress must stand up and represent their constituents, ensuring that any military action serves America’s vital interests and has the support of the public.

Our veterans deserve our thanks and support. I will ensure that the Northport VA gets the money it needs to provide appropriate health care and resources to our Long Island servicemen and women. It is essential that we find innovative ways to expand access to quality health care for veterans throughout the nation and here on Long Island.

Congress must make sure the executive branch has the funding to enforce existing immigration laws. And, our immigration laws must be tightened. The time has come for the arbitrary immigration lottery system to end. The Constitution must be amended to bring an end to birth tourism. We need a sensible immigration system that puts the best interests of American citizens first. This would mean prioritizing people who actually want to become Americans, who share our values, and will be law abiding and productive citizens.

Illegal immigration is a crisis and must end now. We must exercise vigorous enforcement of existing laws and crack down hard on “sanctuary cities.”

I will also throw everything I have into the problem of foreign criminal gangs, like MS-13, preying on our schools and communities. The opioid epidemic in our area requires our immediate attention and needs to be tackled aggressively from every angle: demand, supply, and treatment.


Our foreign policies must include support for Israel, our stalwart friend and strategic partner. This is not only morally right, but advances vital American interests. Our aid assists Israel in developing technology and intelligence that has been critical to protecting American interests and saving the lives of American troops in the Middle East and around the world. U.S. aid to Israel also helps deter major conflicts by making clear to potential foes that they cannot defeat Israel on the battlefield. And, Israel spends 75 percent of U.S. aid in America, purchasing U.S. military equipment and creating U.S. jobs.

We must stand with Israel in solidarity against terrorist nations like Iran. The disastrous Iran nuclear deal, which guarantees that Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon, should be shredded and crippling sanctions reimposed as soon as possible.

We also must ardently fight against the “Boycott, Divest, Sanctions” movement which unfairly singles out Israel for criticism while turning a blind eye to the actions of its enemies. This includes withholding funding from the United Nations as long as it continues to spew an anti-Israel agenda.

Our alliances must be based on shared civilizational values and not mere expediency. The time is long overdue to recognize which countries are our real friends, and which so-called “allies” are taking advantage of our generosity, saying one thing publicly while at the same time sponsoring terrorism and anti-Americanism.