Veterans Affairs

Long Island’s Veterans Deserve More

Our veterans deserve the best possible medical care in modern, safe, and well-maintained facilities. Unfortunately, VA hospitals often have unacceptable wait times and serious problems providing adequate care. No one should have to wait weeks or months to see a doctor. No patient should have to sit in a waiting room for hours. The people who have served our country should receive better treatment.

The VA hospital in Northport is a perfect example of a struggling facility. It requires nearly $280 million in work to repair its physical structure and air conditioning and ventilation units. Two of its buildings have been condemned, and these problems led to the closure of Northport’s surgical operating rooms for several months in 2016. In March of 2018, the hospital had to close all five of its operating rooms and suspend surgeries because of problems with its air conditioning system.

Northport VA Will Get the Funds for Needed Repairs

Our veterans deserve far better than this. Yet they have long been ignored by the career politicians in Washington, D.C. – especially those who take it for granted they will be reelected, that “their” seat is “safe.” It’s the people’s seat, and the person hired for the job has to produce, or they should get fired. The money to make repairs to the Northport facility is within the VA’s budget. I vow to make sure that money comes through for Long Island and our veterans.

Easier Access to Healthcare for Veterans Through Telemedicine

I also fully support the VA’s expansion of telemedicine to extend access to care to veterans. Through telemedicine, clinicians using high-definition video monitors can examine patients without requiring the patient to be physically present. Not only would this ease the burden on veterans who cannot make the commute to Northport or its satellite clinics for their appointments, but telemedicine would allow patients to interact with medical providers at VA facilities anywhere in the country, thereby expanding patients’ access to providers across a broader range of medical specialties.

Supporting Legislation to Give Veterans Access to Private Medical Care

I also believe veterans should be allowed to seek medical care in the private sector, and I will support legislation to allow our veterans to receive VA coverage of treatment provided by private sector health providers. Veterans should have the freedom to seek care at a private service provider of their own choice. Our veterans have sacrificed for us, and now our government must honor its commitments to them.

You Have Choices. Choose Ameer Benno for Congress

Because we live in this great country, we can make changes. We can elect someone who will tackle the causes we believe in. Someone who will fight for the rights of our nation’s veterans to receive excellent health care. Someone who will make sure that the Northport VA gets the money it needs to make repars and upgrades. I am that someone.

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