Politicians are Reconsidering Failed Trade Policies

From the founding of our country into the 1980s, our international trade policy protected American workers and their families. We made what we bought; we were self-sufficient and proud. In the last few decades, however, through government folly, a wide swath of American corporations was incentivized to move production overseas for cheap labor, without protection for goods made here at home.

Predictably, we lost the blue-collar jobs, factories closed, cities and towns depopulated. And, predictably, suicide, drug abuse, and welfare dependence all went up. But, the politicians said it was worth it because of all the cheap stuff people could now go into debt to buy, made in China. I say we need to do a better job protecting the interests of our nation’s workforce.

New Trade Policies Will Protect Long Island and Middle-Class Families

Now, we are experiencing a unique historical moment. The current administration in Washington has made a dramatic break from the unfettered free trade that Republicans used to be known for. Corporations may have liked the unfettered free trade, but it destroyed our nation’s industrial base. It cost millions of respectable middle-class jobs, including many in our area.

Now, unfair trade agreements of the past are being reevaluated, with an eye towards protecting American jobs and rebuilding American industries. This is a welcome change and one I support. America is more than a commercial enterprise, it is a nation, and the middle-class is the heart of the nation. The dignity and self-sufficiency of the middle-class must be protected.

You Have Choices. Choose Ameer Benno for Congress

Because we live in this great country, we can make changes. We can elect someone who will tackle the causes we believe in. Someone who will fight for policies that help preserve the jobs of middle-class families and sure that trade policies are fair to American workers. I am that someone.

Together, we can create a better New York: one where families and businesses reap the rewards of their hard work.

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