Lower Taxes Are Great for Long Island Families

Families in Long Island and throughout America are capable of making better choices than the government about where to invest their money. Americans, especially Long Islanders, are smart, savvy, and able to make good decisions. They don’t need to be told what to do with their hard-earned money.

Politicians are our employees, hired to do specific jobs. They work for US. They are not our parents, babysitters or nannies. We are their bosses, not their ATM. We are not here to provide an endless flow of cash to the government. We have better things to do with our money. Taxes must be low, both on business and on individuals and families, for the economy to run at full throttle.

Recent Tax Cuts are Already Spurring Growth in Our Economy

Congress has made some progress in reducting taxes which is sparking needed economic growth. I support the portion of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) which cut the maximum federal tax rate on businesses from 35% to 21%. The corporate tax is a nothing more than a tax on consumers, who pay increased costs on goods and services, and it impedes wealth and job creation. The reduction of this punitive tax significantly lightens the financial burden shouldered by American businesses as well as ordinary, hard-working Americans.

Our ability to compete in a global economy also depends on making America a desirable place to do business. Misguided policies of recent decades have caused American corporations to set up shop overseas in countries with lower tax rates, with the result that trillions of dollars of capital are sucked out of our economy. Making America a friendly place to do business puts that cash back into circulation in our own country. When the money stays here, it helps businesses and individuals alike.

I believe the recent cuts in the individual income tax rates, while a step in the right direction, did not go far enough. We can do better. Keeping income in the hands of the people who earn it is crucial to economic growth and success. Further across-the-board cuts in the income tax rate will put more money into the pockets of the hard-working members of our community, and I will fight to make this happen.

Eliminate the Cap on SALT Deductions

However, I oppose that portion of the TCJA that eliminated our ability to fully deduct our state and local tax burden – among the highest in the nation – from our federal income tax bill. The $10,000 cap on State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions devalues our properties and discourages families and businesses from moving to or staying in Nassau County. With so many of our residents paying far more than $10,000 in state and local taxes, the cap reduces but does not come close to eliminating the unfair tax burdens imposed on Long Islanders. Long Island families should not be penalized for wanting to live and work here.

End Corruption in Albany and Its Impact on Residents and Businesses

Government corruption is rampant and harms individuals and businesses in Long Island. The job of elected officials is to fight for what is best for their constituents, not their own political careers or wallets. The parasites in Albany need to wake up and do their part to stop driving away business and killing New York State. But as your representative, I will fight at the federal level to lessen the pain caused by the inept and criminal state government. I will be a strong voice and advocate for the unique needs of Long Islanders.

Stop Career Politicians from Seizing Your Wealth

The Constitution is a charter meant to restrain government. However, as we know all too well In New York State, career politicians have no compunction when it comes to seizing wealth from the people and redistributing it for their pet causes. They feel it is their right to treat us like their personal ATM. For this reason, I would support a Constitutional Amendment mandating that any increase in the federal income tax would require a supermajority vote of three-fifths of Congress. It should not be easy for the government to take more of your income. You give enough as it is.

You Have Choices. Choose Ameer Benno for Congress

Because we live in this great country, we can make changes. We can elect someone who will tackle the causes we believe in. Someone who will fight for our economic growth and against government corruption. I am that someone. Together, we can create a better New York: one where families and businesses reap the rewards of their hard work.

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