Public Safety

Long Island Residents Seek Safety and Justice

My legal career began in the New York County District Attorney’s Office. Under my boss, Robert Morgenthau, that office gained a well-deserved reputation as the most ethical and well-respected prosecutor’s office in the country. My subsequent law practice has focused largely on constitutional issues, including misconduct by prosecutors and police officers. I firmly believe that the rule of law also means that criminal justice must be swift and effective, while remaining true to the Constitution. There is no conflict between these values. No one, no matter how powerful, is above the law. Lawbreakers must be punished. The law survives through its faithful, tireless, and equal enforcement.

Give our Police the Resources they Need

Police officers are on the front line, protecting our communities from unimaginable savagery, including rape, murder, and home invasions. Violent crime does not just happen to other people. The brave men and women who protect us as we sleep deserve our thanks, and our support. Too often the media highlights just the rare instances where police officers overstep their bounds. This focus distorts the reality that the vast majority of police officers are honorable, diligent, and competent, and further divides our communities. I support providing police departments all the tools they need to crack down on crime, including innovative technologies such as body cameras. When the reality of any high-stakes street encounter is seen in full detail and in context, truth prevails and justice is better served.

Crush MS-13

Long Island has been hard hit by gang activity, worst of all the foreign criminal gang MS-13, who rape, kill, and sow terror in our communities. These criminals would not be here in the first place without the ineptitude of career politicians and failed liberal policies. But now they are here. I will do everything in my power to crush these gangs and make our neighborhoods and schools safe.

Taking Away Guns is not the Answer. It is Unconstitutional

As the father of three daughters who attend public school here in Long Island, nothing is closer to my heart than keeping our schools safe. The entire country is heartbroken each time a school shooting is on the national news. Everyone has ideas about the roots of the problem, and everyone wants action taken. I am no different, I want action taken. But, I insist that solutions be tailored to the problem. If a politician proclaims a so-called “solution” which wouldn’t have made any difference, it is not a serious solution, but merely grandstanding. Taking whole categories of guns out of the hands of law abiding individuals is not just unconstitutional, it’s also not a serious solution. We have far more regulation of guns today than ever before in history, and yet school shootings are a recent phenomenon. Let’s put real solutions on the table, and honestly look at why each incident actually happened, and what would have prevented it.

Real Solutions, Not Political Correctness

Why was Nicholas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, allowed to stay in school rather than being locked away, even after multiple threats and acts of violence? The answer is found in the dangerous and foolish liberal idea that minority students are victims of a “school to prison pipeline.” This idea says that punishing bad behavior causes more bad behavior. In other words, if we suspend students for bad behavior, the bad behavior will get worse. Supposedly, if we look the other way, and pretend it’s not happening, it doesn’t exist – and, minority attendance numbers can go up. Nicholas Cruz’s victims are also the victims of a criminally stupid liberal agenda, and the paralysis it has brought about. Schools, police, and prosecutors must not be afraid to use common sense to protect our children when they see a real threat. Schools need to have the power, and the motivation, to discipline and expel the dangerous and criminally disturbed, and to keep them away from our kids.

You Have Choices. Choose Ameer Benno for Congress

Because we live in this great country, we can make changes. We can elect someone who will tackle the causes we believe in. Someone who will fight for real solutions to the problem of gang violence. I am that someone.

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