Rice Supports Job-Killing Tax on Working Class Families and Small Businesses in Nassau County

Rice Supports Job-Killing Tax on Working Class Families and Small Businesses in Nassau County

Rice Supports Job-Killing Tax on Working Class Families and Small Businesses in Nassau County

Congressional Republicans just voted to express opposition to a “Carbon Tax.”  Here’s the bill, along with the roll call.

Look at the roll call.  It is striking how polarized our country is becoming, not just on this issue, but on practically every vote of any importance.

Remember when you vote that it is not who you are voting for, it’s who you are voting with.  Meaning this: the person you elect is going to be beholden to their donors, and to their voters as a bloc.  So who else is voting for your candidate, and why?

I point this out because the Democrat party now stands for some pretty outrageous propositions:

  • Abolition of test scores in school admission, on the basis of “Affirmative Action” — an outright racist penalty against Asian students;
  • Open borders, aka/”Abolish ICE” — fortunately, many (but not all) Dems may have realized the stupidity of this one, since the Dem sponsors of an Abolish ICE bill voted against their own bill when Republicans forced their hand;
  • Rapidly abandoning Israel — only two years ago, 43% of Democrats expressed more support for Israel than the Palestinians, now down to 27%.

Add to this list the whole host of anti-business, anti-consumer measures centered around the theory that humans are destroying the planet through use of fossil fuels, and that we will save the planet by tightening regulations against American businesses.  Hence, a Democrat championed “carbon tax.”  Again, only seven Democrats voted against the recent bill.  If the Democrats retake Congress, our country is going the wrong way on this particular issue, as well as a host of others.

For most people, it does not require explaining, but a carbon tax is foolish posturing based on flimsy science, which allows politicians and academics to pat themselves on the back for being morally superior, all the while doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO SAVE THE PLANET!  In other words, a carbon tax would place a job-killing burden on families and small businesses throughout our District.

What does a carbon tax actually do?  It raises energy prices across the board, on electricity, natural gas, home heating oil, gasoline and diesel, which directly taxes consumers and families, hitting the elderly and the poor most harshly.  It is just another way the Democrats shackle economic growth, leading to price hikes on transportation costs (isn’t the LIRR too expensive already?!), electricity bills, and every single good manufactured here, leading to reduced wages and jobs moving overseas.  Do you think China cares about liberal pieties about fossil fuels?  They are growing their economy.

Speaking of which, other countries are also coming to their senses.  Africa, long dependent on international development, is going to start digging its massive reserves of fossil fuel out of the ground.  Here is a lengthy and really inspiring article about this very positive development.  Africa is sitting on TENS OF BILLIONS OF TONS OF COAL, which western liberals prefer they keep in the ground.  As the author pointedly asks, “how can anyone compare alleged climate problems with very real, immediate, lethal Third World problems caused and perpetuated by being forced to continue relying on wood, charcoal and dung?”

How can the Democrats so casually throw such a tax at middle-class American families and our small businesses?  Especially here in Nassau County where the costs of living, transportation, and doing business are already sky high.  Doesn’t Rice know that the LAST thing we need is another tax and higher energy prices?

When I am in Congress, I will vote for common sense measures on Energy with a view towards helping the residents of our District first, which means not punishing and driving away business and driving up costs to families, homeowners, commuters, and small businesses here.  Kathleen Rice votes with the Democrats on this, and on every other important issue.

You have a choice, and on November 6th, choose Ameer Benno for Congress in New York’s 4th District!