President Trump Is Keeping His Promise To Our Veterans And Service Members

President Trump Is Keeping His Promise To Our Veterans And Service Members

Employing our Veterans is a Priority

The GOP announced recently that veteran unemployment is at a 16 year low.  The unemployment rate of veterans fell from 4.3% under former President Obama to only 3.7% under President Trump. This is good news for our region and Long Island’s military population.   President Trump has kept his campaign promises to end what can only be described as neglect of our military heroes.

President Trump Signs Legislation to Expand Healthcare Options for Veterans

President Trump continues to implement policies that put our brave service members and veterans first. On June 6, 2018, Trump signed the VA Mission Act into law.  The law sets forth a plan to overhaul the existing Department of Veterans Affairs.  The overhaul will, among other things, make it easier for the Department to hire staff for their healthcare facilities.  The act also requires that the Department establish standards and requirements of care in specialized areas such as PTSD, TBI, and sexual assault.  More importantly, it satisfies a critical pledge Trump made during his campaign: to provide more non-VA health care choices for our nation’s service men and women.  The goal is to lower wait times and give America’s veterans the option to receive quality, prompt, affordable health care choices outside of the VA system that was previously unavailable in some circumstances.

The law will also provide billions of dollars to help the VA repair and invest in its current healthcare facilities.

The issue of caring for our nation’s veterans hits close to home for New Yorkers.  Newsday reported that in 2016, Long Island was home to over 110,000 veterans, with over 45,000 of those living in Nassau County.  It is imperative that the facilities here are updated to provide the best medical and psychological care for this special part of our population.  That they will have more choices for health care, including telemedicine, as provided by the new Act, is evidence that the current administration keeps its promises.

The White House said in a recent statement:

“These men and women have given everything to defend our nation, and President Trump has proven that he will continue to be a champion for them, their families, and the military members who put their lives on the line to serve. President Trump is ending Democrat abuse of the military community and honoring our debts to the heroes who make sacrifices to ensure our freedom.”