Kathleen Rice’s Record on Veterans

Kathleen Rice took the time to congratulate Chuck Schumer on giving a speech urging better funding for the Northport VA Medical Center.  So far so good.  The Northport VA should be a top priority for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and that is something I will advocate strongly for our veterans, and for bringing more federal money to Long Island.

How good a job can the Democrats be expected to do in that regard, when New York’s delegation to Washington skews so heavily Democrat?  What’s the incentive for the federal government to pay attention to a state that the Democrats can take for granted?  And in particular, what is the incentive for a Republican administration to work with Democrat politicians whose entire reason for existence now comes down to open borders and destroying the President by any means necessary?  What can we really expect to be accomplished by a Congress controlled by Democrats, other than a laserlike focus, 24/7, on impeaching Donald Trump?  Personally, I’d like to see the results of the policies Trump campaigned and won on, if they’re allowed to go into effect: control the border, disengage from foreign wars that do not implicate our vital national interest, and rebuild our industrial base through fair trade policies.  But I digress.  Wouldn’t New York get more love from executive agencies of the federal government if it’s Congressional delegation was not overwhelmingly devoted to bringing down the President?  Competition is good.

Anyway, aside from nice sound bites, let’s look at what Kathleen Rice has actually done when it comes to veterans.

Let’s see, well, she voted against a bill that authorizes the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to quickly discipline or dismiss VA employees — and then against another similar bill, aimed at federal VA employees who deliver poor performance or even misconduct.  (After all…”it‘s impossible to fire federal employees!”

Was this a mistake?  Did Rice just not read the bill, or does she really want to make it impossible to fire incompetent or corrupt federal employees?  Answer: the latter.  She also voted against HR 1994 – the VA Accountability Act of 2015, which authorizes the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to quickly fire, demote, or suspend VA employees for misconduct or poor performance.

Well aside from protecting the lifetime sinecures of those souls fortunate enough to have landed irrevocable federal jobs, where does Kathleen Rice stand on legislation that would actually help veterans — you know, the extraordinary men and women who actually have served in the armed forces and made incredible sacrifices?  I guess they’re not as high a priority for the Democrats as the government workers who can never be fired and lose their comfortable benefits.  Rice voted against HR 2577 – Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2017, which appropriated funds for military construction and veterans affairs.  Why?  I don’t know.  The text of the bill is here, maybe you can figure it out, because I can’t.

Nor did Rice support HR 5139, the Hire Our Heroes to Protect Our School Act of 2018.  Like the name suggests, that common sense bill aimed at two problems: violent attacks occurring in our schools, and unemployment among military veterans.  This bill is the kind of common sense, real solution we need more of.  We need less of what the Democrats are offering — expanding government, cronyism, and stagnation.

In November, go to your polling station and show Kathleen Rice that yes, it is possible to fire a federal employee.