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Meet Ameer

I am a proud resident of Bellmore, where I live with my wife Gayle and our three daughters – Sophia, Violet, and Clara – who attend public school in Bellmore. I am the son of an immigrant. My father was born in a refugee camp in Tel Aviv in 1946. He and his family lived in a communal tent in that camp before moving into a cramped one-bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv.

I attended a military high school in Albany, New York, and later attended Johns Hopkins University where I met my wife Gayle.

While at Hopkins, one of my roommates was shot and killed by a gunman on campus. This experience ultimately led me to attend law school at Cornell. My heart was committed to public service, and I accepted a position as a prosecutor at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office…

Mission and Vision

I am an ardent believer in the United States Constitution, which enshrines the God-given rights of American citizens, and imposes firm restraints on the power of government to interfere in people’s lives.

My mission is to ensure that Congress respects its constitutional obligations to the citizens of this great country and never oversteps its bounds.

My vision is one of economic growth, freedom, and opportunity for the American middle class.

I will be a tireless and unflinching champion for our nation’s security, taking a clear view of the existential threats we and our allies face overseas, as well as the domestic threats our citizens face at home. I will head to Washington as a strong and visible advocate for Long Islanders.

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